California’s 365 square mile shrinking sea exposes playa heavy with contaminants and particulate matter and effects the air quality.

The increasingly exposed playa makes the health impacts of the more frequent sand storms more severe and is a main cause of

hospitalization for asthma in the region.

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Public Health

1) with plans to divert more of the water that feeds it, could lose 60 percent of its volume in the next 20 years.

2) killing the fish and devastating the 400 species of migrating birds that feed on them.

3) as the lake contracts, more land will be exposed to fierce desert winds that whip sand and foul the air.

Environmental Impact

1) concentrations of pesticides, particulate matter, selenium and metals become air bone when exposed.

2)12,000+ Imperial Valley children have asthma from poor air quality.

3) 60% of ER visits are from respiratory-related symptoms.

Advocacy and Action

1) restore long-term stable aquatic and shoreline habitat fish and wildlife that depend on the Salton Sea.

2) eliminate air quality impacts from restoration projects, and improve air quality for surrounding communities.

3) protect water quality.

Resources and Partners

EJCW is working with partners at community, regional, state and federal levels to address Salton Sea issues.

Here are some of them:

Comite Civico del Valle

Water Foundation 

University of California, Davis


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