Please support the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s adoption of the Human Right to Water on January 26-27, 2017 by adding your name/org to the attached support letter.
Background: The Human Right to Water was officially recognized by CA State legislature in April 2012 with the passage of AB 685, followed by the State Water Resources Control Board resolution in February 2016, and by the Central Valley Regional Board adoption of the Human Right to Water in April 2016. In January 2017, the CentralCoast Regional Board will consider adopting the Human Right to Water Resolution as a “Core Value and Directing its Implementation inCentral Coast Water Board Programs and Activities“.  The CentralCoast Board seeks to improve upon the current resolution with the inclusion of a staff work plan and a focus on water affordability.  


Action: EJCW applauds this resolution and requests your support of the Central Coast Regional Board’s adoption of the Human Right to Water Resolution by signing-on to the attached letter of support. 
Please send your logo, name, and organization to no later than 5pm on January 5, 2017. 
Please contact with any questions.
Happy Holidays!

In solidarity, 
Rev. Amanda Ford 
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